Next in Streetwear: Face Masks To Protect Yourself In Style
Now face masks are not just used for medical situations, covid or pollution, but instead they have become a part of fashion. UrbanMonkey has launched cotton reusable face masks that go hand in hand with hip hop culture, which display messagings like DRIP, SWADHAAN, WARRIOR, TAKE IT EASY etc, to support the cause. Add a stylish flare ensuring maximum protection by accessorising your outfit with your favourite face mask from UrbanMonkey. Here are a few stylish and trendy cotton face masks, by Urban Monkey that you are sure to love! Dive down and take your pick! 1. DRIP Face Mask: Be it for indoor, outdoor or travel activities, this cool looking face mask is simply the best! It features an adjustable fit, and offers a dual fabric covering, for optimal comfort and protection. The 100% cotton face mask is also lightweight and ultra breathable, making it perfect for high-impact activities like running, cycling or playing a sport. Shop DRIP Face Mask 2. SURVIVOR Face Mask Channel your inner survivor, wearing this facemask by Urban Monkey! This reusable and washable cotton mask, offers a snug and form fitting where, making it comfortable for any season or occasion. It provides the perfect nose to chin coverage and is engineered to stay put all day! This mask is approximately 22 cm in length and 7 cm in height, and is made of 100% pure cotton. Shop SURVIVOR Face Mask 3. WARNING Face Mask Evoke your personality by wearing this cool and sassy face mask by Urban Monkey! This design features an embossed warning sign, stating that face protection has no exception. This face mask also has a nose pin and elastic ear loops that can be adjusted, to give a firm fitting and perfect fit. This reusable face mask is made with 100% cotton, making it super soft and breathable. Shop WARNING Face Mask 4. LIT MONKEY Face Mask This premium quality 100% cotton face mask screams comfort and style! This design features an adjustable elastic ear loop as well as optimal chin and known support, for a snug fit. The front monkey design on the face mask glows beautifully in the dark, and is sure to turn some heads and get you amazing compliments. Shop LIT MONKEY Face Mask 5. BURN Face Mask This reusable face mask features a limited edition design - The burning fire! Set your style ablaze, with this in partnership with RV X UM burn! Foldable and reusable mask, protects you from daily dust, and pollution. The anti dust face mask is made with 100% cotton, and thus is soft, breathable and offers a double layered protection. The elastic is adjustable to help you achieve the perfect fit every single time. Shop BURN Face Mask 6. WARRIOR Face Mask No more uncomfortable ears! Attach your masks to your caps to this functional street wear face mask! This adjustable face mask that reads “ warrior” is made with 100% cotton, that is breathable, soft and moisture wicking. The one size fits all unisex face mask, has an elastic ear loop equipped with an adjuster, to customise according to your convenience. The mask can withstand machine washing and can be reused multiple times! Shop WARRIOR Face Mask Video Guide Things To Consider When Choosing A Cotton Face Mask Quality: Choose a good quality cotton face mask, ensuring a fit that is not too constricting. Look for multi-layered and non-fleece layering, to ensure optimal reachability as well as good filtration. Unisex Style: There are many face masks that cater specifically to a gender, but going for a style that is unisex is always the best bet. Urban Monkey offers a wide range of colourful and aesthetic face masks that can be picked to match your personality and clothes. Fabric: The mask you choose should have a soft material, which draws away moisture and keeps you feeling cool. Multi-woven cotton, linen, or polyester blends are the best materials for reusable face masks. Conclusion Although masks are not compulsory at the moment, the pandemic has not yet gone away completely. Protect yourself, your family, and your loved ones by investing in a quality mask! Wearing a face mask for pollution, or medical reasons is the key, but masks have become more of a fashion statement today! To add dazzle to your attire and personality, buy face masks online from Urban Monkey! The website features a wide range of reusable face masks in aesthetic prints and hip-hop culture messaging, which makes wearing masks fun! They also feature unisex designs, along with adjustable straps for the perfect fit every single time! FAQs 1. Why should we use cotton face masks ? Cotton is the best material for cotton masks, as they are reusable and durable! They are also super soft on your skin, making it comfortable to wear them all day. 2. Are cotton face masks breathable? Yes! Cotton masks offer a great balance of breathability as well as protection. 3. Are cotton face masks washable? Yes! Studies even show that you can wash and use cotton face masks for up to a year! 4. What is the most comfortable face mask? The Warrior face mask is the most comfortable one, as it can be easily attached to your cap for stress-free and hasslefree wear!

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