"Education Is the most powerful weapon to change the world", Nelson Mandela

  • Education is the most effective way to break out of the poverty cycle. Education teaches how to develop and improve compared to the current lifestyle of the underprivileged, which is based out of needs and sustenance. Sustenance hinders your ability to do things out of the box as the first priority of these people are food and shelter.
  • When the cost of education comes in the way of providing basic needs for family and children the homemakers always choose to spare the cost of education and spend it on necessary needs.
  • We want to lift the cost burden associated with education so that more kids end up staying in school.
  • Animal cruelty is evident in our society and across many industries for example medicine, beauty products, food and fashion. We at Urban Monkey believe it is not required to harm animals for the sake of fashion. We are in the 21st century where we can create synthetic fabrics or compounds to make materials feel and act the same as natural animals skin. We at Urban Monkey are on top of our game when it comes to synthetic alternatives to leather and make sure that our customers always get the best alternative.
  • Businesses and organizations are places in a way that we can directly have a positive impact in our society. This is our primary aim at urban monkey.


  • why do we study? answer would be we study in order to have good future. i dreadfully agree that once people are educated the look at all aspect of life with different eye that sees beyond what uneducated person may see

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  • Education is the most effective my answers

  • i really love u information

  • Heart touching

  • It is very beautiful a hear to ching essay


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