Hate him or Love him, Ankit’s here to stay!

Repping Mumbai’s Area 81, Ankit has been writing his verses for almost a decade now. Ankit found the world of rap at a very young age of 14, at 24 Ankit is already living his dream. With multiple tracks under his name, he’s already on his path to glory.

Ankit’s latest song ‘Hate me’ produced by 808 drip, is a clapback to all the hate he receives, with this song he wants his audience to know that, no matter what happens – He will establish himself as the biggest shark in the tank sooner or later.

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  • 🖤

    Mahesh Kashale
  • The Day i heard his flow and lyrics i was amazed, its so unique and fantastic i was like dude this is something I don’t here daily, i pray for his success and prosperity all the best buddy keep up the good work

  • Keep going bro

    Umesh santosh rangle
  • Ankit bhawar is a good rapper and hardworking though i hope he may get all the success in life.we love your raps bro keep going on. Love you bro❤🔥


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